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My first post

Okay, so I've had this journal for about a month and a half now (maybe even two months, I'm not sure) and I figured I should really post something. Mostly I've run out of excuses NOT to post anything; exams are over, I'm home with nothing much to do, and the chaos that is Christmas has yet to actually hit me.

So, today was a big day. My little sister, who I watched grow from a tiny premature baby struggling to survive into this tall, athletic, amazon-esque young lady, graduated from primary school. Makes me feel old. Also makes me feel proud. She got up and made a speech in front of all of grade six and all the parents and teachers. She's absolutely amazing to watch when she speaks in public. She's done drama for three years now, and it's improved her confidence and ability to speak and command attention. It's just brilliant.

Today was also a big day because for the first time in a while, I woke up and didn't feel sick. Woot! I may be getting over whatever bug I've had for nearly a week now. And just in time to wrap up my Christmas shopping (oh joy). Mum has gotten into the habit of just telling me to buy things that I want, then paying me back for them and giving them to me for Christmas. Ensures that I get things that I want, but also takes the drama out of mum having to find things. So tomorrow I'm off to find me some music for Christmas, since I've got the book thing covered. Impulse buy: Companion to Twilight the Movie (I couldn't help myself! I opened the book up and there's a lovely full-page colour photo of Edward. What could I do?).

Should also give props to Bron darlin', one of my dearest friends, who wrote me some fic to make me feel better. I read it over breakfast this morning and laughed myself stupid. I'm convincing her to post it, and I'm sure she will, eventually. It's a lovely Dean, Castiel, and Sam (Supernatural) fic. Also has pie, coffee, cake, pancakes and the end of the world in it. Yes, one fic CAN have all that, and still make you laugh.

I have plans to see Twilight (finally!) on the weekend, so wish me luck for that. Here's hoping I like it. If not, well, I can always just stare at Rob. :)


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Dec. 16th, 2008 11:13 am (UTC)
Why hello there!

Hope you enjoy Twilight! And yes, just stare at RPattz ♥
Think I'm seeing it again this week sometime. I just re-read the book in the last few days so now, on 2nd viewing, I can really go in trying to nitpick what they've left out/put in!
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