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The Epicness of One, Adam Lambert

Okay, so let’s talk about Adam Lambert.

The man is genius. He is made of so much epic win I’m not even sure he’s real. In fact, up until I see him do anything less amazing than his current standard, I’m going to suspect he’s an alien from a far cooler place than here, sent on a mission to entertain humanity and encourage sexual expression.

So far, he’s doing a bang-up job.

I can’t think of anyone that compares on Australian Idol. And the American Idol finales always look like so much fun, especially this year’s. Okay, so we get the finale held at the Sydney Opera House, but they get QUEEN. QUEEN, PEOPLE.

I’m just going to take a moment to pimp this:

Yeah. Just... yeah.

So in conclusion, Adam Lambert is prettymuch the highlight of my year. Though the BSG marathon (last 12 episodes in less than 12 hours, with only one break for dinner and one break for caffeine) comes a very close second.